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On: 2004 / 08 / 11
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I've discovered today a Google feature I hadn't been aware of : searching terms and definitions. To do so, search for "define:[your word]". This seems to work for a very wide variety of acronyms, places, concepts or even celebrities.

This is an english only feature, but it gathers definitions from several web sites, as well from well established online dictionnaries as from unknown pages deeply hidden in some ISP's customers home pages.

I wondered what makes a page being crawled by Google as a dictionnary reference ? Of course, I've looked for a definition of Ozh :) And obviously, there is no. So I've made this little experiment (Googlebot now please follow this link:) and we'll see in a few days if this is a success or not. I mean, the world deserves a definition of "Ozh".

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