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On: 2004 / 08 / 13
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ACDC : Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
For some reasons, still being an early AC/DC fan, I had always thought "Dirty Deeds" was a pretty under average album. It sometimes sounds "cheap", as if it had been recorded or engineered on poor quality devices, or something like this.

Four days ago, while looking for a CD to put in my car stereo (to replace Beatallica I've been listening to for about 3 weeks :) I found this AC/DC album, behind all others on my shelf, where no one but dust had been seeing it for years…

And … OMG. How could I have been so wrong ? This album is a top notch masterpiece (which just makes it equal to others AC/DC albums, then) and I can feel coming a non stop old hard rock riffs 3 weeks period. This band just rocks.

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  1. RaiL-FleX says:

    I'm not an AC/DC fan, though I did my opinion by listening only one of their song which I found quiet bad, "dirty deeds done dirt" … it looks like this one is from your album Ozh :)
    Anyway, SOAD rocks !!! :D

    J'avoue ne pas trop apprécier AC/DC, mais mon jugement ne s'est fait que sur un morceau que j'ai trouvé … très mauvais : "dirty deeds done dirt" … tiens tiens, ça ferait pas parti de ton album Ozh ? :)
    'Fin bref, vive SOAD !

  2. sebasaga says:

    AC/DC ROCKS!!!! :D Awesome band!

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