Terms, definitions and acronyms

Ariane - Ariane is Ozh's wife.

Cyrus - Cyrus is Ozh's second child name

L33T - L33T stands for "elite" and is a phonetic variation of the word, combined with a computer nerd-like letter replacement, where "l33t" equals to "leet".

Oscar - Oscar is Ozh's first child name.

Ozh - Ozh is the most magnificent and clairvoyant human being around my desk at the moment. Being alone in my office sure helps to meet this self proclaimed definition.

planetOzh - planetOzh is Ozh's playground on the intarweb.

Quake - Quake is a wicked game created by firm id Software and raised to a cult-like status by hords of devoted and creative fans.

This page - This page is just a search engine experiment. Go one step back in the URL hierarchy and use the search function with terms "definition experiment" to learn more.

Wordpress - Wordpress is a excellent open-source and free blogging software that should soon or later take over all its competitors. Obviously.