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On: 2004 / 06 / 19
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GMail will probably launch its service soon, and this private testing period will have been a very efficient marketing event, to say the least. Read on /. an interesting item about Gmail, compiling some interesting links : lotto give away, software like pop to Gmail or Gmail to pop, a few funny links and other usefull as well.

On the opposite side of this cult status, Gmail already has its opponnents. Having one's mail saved and scanned by a search engine might not be the best privacy guarantee, obviously. Gmail is too creepy lists a few interesting reasons that will probably be heard by the most paranoid of you :)

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  1. piou says:

    "You are a victim of the buzz generated by legions of high-tech pundits who have been giving Gmail rave reviews, and belittling the privacy issues. (Google has been feeding free accounts to friendly columnists, who respond with servile gratitude. We are aware of only two privacy advocates who have been offered Gmail accounts, compared to dozens of geeky columnists, and hundreds of pro-Google bloggers.)"

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