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On: 2004 / 06 / 16
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Let's face it : I badly want a Gmail account. Not that I really need it, to be honest : I dislike web-based emails, 1 Gb limited or not. But… But I am curious, and I want to try it. But I love Google as already proven. But this is just too cool geek must-have l33t. Plus, if I happen to really use it once it's launched for everyone, I'd rather have an early account when "ozh" is still available than get a "the_real_ozh" because my nick is already taken :)

So, in my desperate need for a Gmail account, I've looked a bit at GMail Swap, a list where Gmail invitation owners can trade something with a wannabe like me. Actually, trade something… or anything, and most of the time quite nothing. A bunch of offers there are just fun, but there are also plenty of nice offers : help to install a linux distro, postcards from a foreign country, and other things more valuable by their kindness than the money they'd actually cost.

I've myself concluded a nice deal with a nice Gmail user who has been kind enough to invite me. My part of the deal is my sending a few postcards from France this summer, which will be a nice occasion to make this virtual pal discover some beautiful places :)

Update: it worked, start the spamming at ! (Jesus, login must be 6 letters at least…) Thanks a lot Tori ! :)

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3 Blablas

  1. kyramas says:

    Lucky you !! I wish I had a gmail too ….
    Do yo have any spare invites ?
    thanks !
    cool blog by the way !

  2. Ozh says:

    Thanks for coming :)
    Now, I havent got any invites yet. If I ever get some, I'll probably run a little contest like MtDewVirus is doing

  3. RaiL-FleX says:

    Heh, Ozh is back :)
    How about making a review of Gmail ?
    It would be interesting for all those desperate guys who can't get an account (like me), helping us waiting for the end of the beta-test.

    Youhou, Ozh est d'retour !
    Que dirais-tu de faire un dossier présentatif à propos de Gmail ?
    Ca serait intéressant pour tous ces pauvres gars qui ne peuvent pas obtenir de compte (comme moi), et nous aiderait à entendre la fin des essais du service.

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