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On: 2004 / 06 / 15
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Wow. I'm always amazed at my rankings in Google for the pages written here.

For example, I rank amongst the top 3 or 4 results with my page about Apache and the trailing slash problem when you google about something like "apache trailing slash problem". Same thing with "quick reference cards" or "bash telnet script", other Google queries that bring me quite a few daily hits for such an errr.. empty site :)

So ? So, checking at my referrers, I just found out that my post about Continental Airlines is the first result in French pages according to Google. Guess I have my "revenge" :) (see previous post for more infos)

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  1. v says:


  2. piou says:

    pour continental airline sans "S" oui mais pas pour contilental airlineS :p

  3. Joan Rochford says:

    What is the address of Continental Air cargo office at YVR (Vancouver BC)??????????????

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