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On: 2004 / 06 / 20
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Thanks to Randy, a fellow WordPress user, I've been invited to Orkut, another Google invitation-only community. I just wanted to get one invitation because I was curious about it.

So, from what I can tell now after 5 minutes, Orkut is just a dating machine for people looking for sexual dates :P People can add you as a friend, write reviews about you, you can seek for partners and stuff like this. Besides this, I admit I'm not sure it's not pointless, but I'm not convinced at all :) Here is my Orkut profile if you are logged in.

Update : and one of the slowest site on earth I think.

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  1. rail-flex says:

    Well, it looks like one of those boring highly closed community.
    And I'll eat my hat it's infested with useless people who are just looking for a hot partner …

    So pity :/

  2. Ozh says:

    Actually not that closed : more than 500.000 members, and growing. Half a million or 10 million, would not be different, so it's virtually open to anyone.

    It's just totally useless :)

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