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Posted On: 2010 / 12 / 03

Earlier today, Dougal tweeted about DRUPLEH, a satirical news site about Drupal. If you haven't caught his tweet, my retweet or any other mention about this, go check it now. It's brilliant, it's fun, it's awesome, it's entertaining. We *need* to have such a thing for WordPress. We so need, that we must haz: Project […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2007 / 08 / 03

A few weeks ago, when I had some bad times with WordPress spewing Errors 500 all the time, I decided that, if my site was going to be broken and unusable, at least I'd try to make it a bit less boring. So I made sort of "funny" custom error pages (see the 404 for […][...] → Read more