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On: 2010 / 12 / 03
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Earlier today, Dougal tweeted about DRUPLEH, a satirical news site about Drupal. If you haven't caught his tweet, my retweet or any other mention about this, go check it now. It's brilliant, it's fun, it's awesome, it's entertaining. We *need* to have such a thing for WordPress.

We so need, that we must haz: Project WordPreh is ready to get off the ground and now need some voluntrollsteers to really start and make something funny with this!

As I envision it (but it's not like I'm proclaiming myself the leader of the project) , the site would be trolling on fun stuff, would be mocking devs about their goofs, would be bashing other platforms about their misfortunes or successes. It would be run by several peeps with a good knowledge of what's going on and enough sense of humor to be derisive of themselves when deserved. It would be making fun of others but keep on the funny side of thing and avoid being just mean (which does require quite some editorial skills, says Ozh who has been Mighty Chief Redactor of his uni's satirical paper for quite some time). Maybe it might try to spread totally obvious false rumors, too :Þ

It could be like this, just better and funnier and with *real* news too :) (click for bigger)

The DRUPLEH site, which I really like, is a simple Tumblr-like blog with links only. That's a good start, maybe WordPreh could also feature some WTF-code-snippets as I'm sure there are tons out there. Yes, the upcoming post format feature is exactly what we need here.

So far, to take the plunge and evolve from a fun idea to a real website, the project needs:

  • a logo (should be OK)
  • a theme (might be in the works already)
  • a team

What do you think about this whole thing? Sounds fun? Should be different? Do you think you could contribute to this? :)

Edit: WordPreh. Eheh.

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