On: 2007/10/28
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Absolute Comments allows you to reply to comments right from the email notification. It also automatically fills the reply with the commenter's name (so if you reply to Joe, your comment will be prefilled with "Joe » " for your convenience)

Absolute Comments

There's no setup, no setting. Just upload, activate and forget.

Download Absolute Comments

This plugin is for WordPress 3.1+.

Download the plugin :
Extract and upload to your blog, preserving directory structure if any.

Older version

Absolute Comments used to be a feature packed plugin, back in the WordPress 2.x days. WordPress 2.7 implemented most of these much needed features (reply to comments from the Edit Comments page, those stuff you don't even believe weren't always part of WordPress). Older versions are still available but totally unsupported, obviously.

If you like this plugin and you feel it enhances your blogging and community managing experiences, please make my day and simply blog about it to let your readers know about it. They might like it too:)


I'm closing the comments here. This post is attracting 80% of my spam and I'm tired of manually moderating messages. If you have a question, ask your mom :)

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  2. Stan Brower says:

    Hi, is this the only plugin of the kind or can I find another one too? This one isn't working good for me, I'm getting recurring errors and blank pages.I'll post about it too.

  3. it looks really really useful, looking foreward to try it. I hope it works with wordpress 2.6 (you said you should, so i'm not really worried about it), hope it is also very easy as it looks! Thanks a lot for this plug-in!!!

  4. This one isn’t working good for me, I’m getting recurring errors and blank pages

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  9. Rudi says:

    With wordpress 2.7 the functionality of instant reply messege on dasboard is tha same as Absolute Comments does. But the plugin is also great.

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  18. Absolute Comment – absolute useful!
    Indeed this function I missed in wordpress since a long time. Thank you for helping us out :-)

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  21. caschy says:

    Doesn't work in 2.8 :(

  22. Edrei says:

    Same here, for some reason it doesn't seem to work after updated to WordPress 2.8.

  23. David Weaver says:

    Downloaded 3.0, but the download is missing core.php in the includes folder????

  24. Ozh says:

    David Weaver » Fixed!

  25. 6000 says:

    Have upgraded, but can't get satisfaction with WP2.8 and your 3.0.1. Just hangs and doesn't do what it says it will.
    Never realised how clumsy WP is on comments without your plugin.

    Please – for the love of god – please help. Please.

  26. Ozh says:

    6000 » what's wrong? Everything working really fine on my blogs…

  27. David Pinto says:

    I installed this the morning of June 17, 2009. When I get a comment that needs to be approved, I press the approved link. However, since I installed this upgrade, it doesn't stay approved. To approve it permanently, I have to edit the comment.

  28. 6000 says:

    Hi Ozh.

    When I click the APPROVE button, it changes to UNAPPROVE, but as soon as I leave the page, the comment is goes back into pending moderation again.

    Also, when I try to EDIT a comment, it acts like I've pressed Page Down.

    Finally, I now approve my comments either via the WP email link or via BULK ACTIONS on the COMMENTS screen. However, I cannot use either of these methods while OZH Comment Manager is activated, even though it is not working.

    Tried in: IE7 & IE8, Opera and on machines running XP, Vista and Win Mobile. (Yes – I'm the guy that loves MS!)


  29. Paul Oyler says:

    It seems your latest version (via automatic update) and WP 2.8 aren't playing nice together, at least on a site that moderates all comments. When approving a comment, it appears to go thru as normal. However, within seconds the comment is once again back in "pending"
    By process of elimination, when your plugin was deactivated, the problem went away. I know zip about coding, so have no clue exactly where the problem is occurring.
    Seems to be working fine on all the other sites I manage that do not moderate comments.

  30. Alan Levine says:

    Ditto- I can confirm that this plugin broke comment moderation in my blog. In addition to the same symptoms reported here, if I tried to select a few comments (check boxes on Mod Comments) to approve via the drop down menu, I got the white page of nothingness (PHP error most likely).

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  32. Can anyone confirm how well this operates (or doesn't, as the case may be) with alternative comment systems such as IntenseDebate and DISQUS?

  33. Jane says:

    I am getting this error:

    1. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_ozh_cqr_options() in /xxxx/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ozh-absolute-comments/includes/core.php on line 7
  34. Ozh says:

    Jane » Something wrong on your side.

  35. Kris Johnson says:

    I'm not sure when it started, but I am not able to approve comments when Ozh' Absolute Comments 3.0.1 (WordPress 2.8.4). To rule out a conflict with another plug-in, I have deactivated every plug-in except Ozh' Absolute Comments and the issue still occurs. Initially, it appears that the comment has been approved, but when I load another dashboard page the comment is still waiting for approval. If I disable Ozh' Absolute Comments, approval works normally.

  36. Ozh says:

    Kris Johnson » Yeh, noticed that too. Still haven't taken the time to fix it :) I will, I promise.

  37. Kris Johnson says:

    Thanks for the quick response, Ozh. I'm looking forward to a new version of this great plug-in.

  38. Same issue as Kris Johnson, but on wpmu 2.8.4. I didn't disable any other plugins, just Absolute Comments sitewide. Can't wait for the update, as this is one of my favorite plugins!

  39. Krato says:

    Tryin this!

  40. Rosina Lippi says:

    I'm having the same problem as Kris and Michael, with one additional little wrinkle: When OAC is activated, the "leave a comment" link disappears from the post itself.

    Keeping my eye out for the next version, because I really miss this plugin.

  41. yeliz says:

    To rule out a conflict with another plug-in, I have deactivated every plug-in except Ozh' Absolute Comments and the issue still occurs. Initially, it appears that the comment

  42. senem says:

    I load another dashboard page the comment is still waiting for approval. If I disable Ozh’ Absolute Comments, approval works normally.

  43. Sean O'Flaherty says:

    Wondering if a new version will be released in order to fix the problem that we all are having

  44. still broken. pity.