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On: 2013 / 03 / 18
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The fine folks from WPMU DEV are running a cool giveaway for 1 annual membership, a $219 value.

Who ? Win what?

WPMU DEV is a WordPress community that features premium WordPress 24-7 support, plugins, and themes. Members get unlimited access to WPMU DEV plugins and themes, as well as constant access to our talented team of developers. One lucky contestant will earn a one year membership ($219) to all this goodness.

To know more about WPMU DEV you can also check their profile, their blog or one of their most popular plugins, MarketPress.

If you need to know one thing about them: their authors dress like super heroes and read awesome books ;)

Contest rules

That'll be simple:

  1. Create a free account at (real name & real email recommended, obviously)
  2. Leave a comment right here on this post on planetOzh (using the same name and email, obviously, and mentioning your WPMU DEV username)

That's it. Feel free not to leave a boring comment (like, introduce yourself, your favorite PHP function or your best coding moment maybe?) but that's just bonus to make the web a more interesting place.

Nope, no cheesy tweet to spam all over the internet, although one mentioning @ozh and @wpmudev will be greatly appreciated :)

By next Friday 18pm GMT I'll have my kid to draw a random comment number and I'll announce the winner on Twitter.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. IsaacL says:

    Pick me, pick me! (Username is isaacl)

  2. Kristen Mozaffari says:

    Ohh, please! I have no entertaining code-related stories to tell, but I can tell you a really embarrassing one that involves a turkey. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't. Lol

    Can I bribe your kid with candy? ;)

    WPMU Dev and Twitter = bookadilly.

  3. Christiaan Conover says:

    Username: cconover

    I don't have any great coding stories, but I can't tell you how much WPMU plugins have helped me out in the past. Such an awesome collection!

  4. Marcel Brinkkemper says:

    Yes, I like WPMU DEV to help me coding and supporting my plugins.
    I am know as user macbrink on WPMU DEV and in all other WordPress related sites and twitter

  5. Salman Farish says:

    My username: coolfarish

    I love to win this giveaway because i am nee to this wordpress blogging community and WPMU is a developer community which provide 24*7 Live support to their premium members about all wordpress issues.
    I will use this premium account to learn and update my skills. Thanks in advance and all d very best wishes for all the participants……

  6. Thomas Sizmore says:

    Pick me! Pick me! (thsizmore)

  7. Ünsal Korkmaz says:

    username: korkmaz
    I would like to try my chance in giveaway ^^

    Btw when you have freetime can you review my gpl theme:

  8. torrfriend says:

    My USERNAME: burfi

    Let me in for the contest.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Ozh says:

    Winner as decided by my 8 year old kid is comment #4 : Marcel Brinkkemper! Congratulations :) I'll pass your info to WPMU DEV

  10. Marcel Brinkkemper says:

    Thanks, you have a smart 8 year old kid. ;-)

  11. ferasmh says:

    My USERNAME: ferasmh

    very interested in wpmu plugins !! Creative

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