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On: 2013 / 03 / 29
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As soon as YOURLS 1.6 ships, I'll move the project development from Google to Github (why? long story short: read this). So, I wrote down a little todo list to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for everyone, which is:

On Github

  • Move in issues and tickets from Google. I wrote a tool for this
  • Move in wiki documents from Google. There are a few tools around, like, but in worst case scenario doing it by hand is an option.
  • Neatly organize the wiki on Github with a home page, sidebar, header and footer. Everything is explained in this article.
  • Make a custom with a few guidelines (aka RTFM). This one is a very comprehensive start.
  • Create labels for issues: I was thinking bug, enhancement, duplicate, invalid, wontfix, RTFM, PEBKAC, worksforme, possiblewithaplugin.
  • Tag older commits in Git to recreate the same download list as in the original project
  • Maybe clarify the dev and branch strategy, such as in Zenphoto-Development-Process

On Google

Simply mention that the project has moved: modify issues, frontpage and wiki with the adminTabs feature at Example.

Misc downloads

The inability on Github to host files other than your source code bugs me. In YOURLS there are a couple extra files that are available for download, or images used in the wiki documents.

So far the idea I've come up with is: create a branch named downloads and commit those little files there.


Am I missing something? Any idea welcome :)

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  1. Matt Rude says:

    As far as wiki images go, just add them to your wiki repo as you would any other file from your local computer, and push the changes to github. You will be able to view the images on the wiki by linking to it as you would any other image in Markdown (![Image Text](images.png). The files live at and may be accessed at so you may be able to store other for download using the same method, without cluttering up your main repository.

  2. Ozh says:

    Matt Rude ยป Interesting tip, thanks!

  3. Derek S says:

    I know a lot of projects use Github Pages:

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