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On: 2008 / 08 / 25
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To those using comment moderation on their blog, here is a simple trick that should become part of every theme.

I just left a comment on Logo Design Love, an empyreal blog about logo design by David Airey. My comment went into moderation as per his comment policy, but instead of the standard message you've been told a million times (the brutal "Your comment is awaiting moderation" which reads like a cold statement from a Custom officer), here is what I got:

See? Nothing genius, just less robotic attitude, just basic courtesy and a bit of information. But it definitely makes things more enjoyable. Will remember this whenever I code a theme.

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  1. JD Hartley says:

    Great idea. Deffinitely implementing this on my blog. :)

  2. marco says:

    Nice one Ozh. I totally aggree and just changed my comments.php to welcome my new commenters a bit friendlier instead of beeing "tech support rude" to them ;-)

  3. stratosg says:

    as soon as i saw this i imagined the exact opposite: "your are a noob here so your stupid comment is laying there awaiting for me to give it a glimpse. if i don't like it i'll definitely kill it along with you so pray you posted something nice."

    but seriously this is a very good suggestion… nice post!

  4. Ozh says:

    stratosg ยป yeah that's an option :)

  5. Squeaky says:

    Seems that many blogs which are getting the commentators to react, are getting more personalized with messages like what you suggest. Definitely, something worth while to consider to get more blog participation.

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