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On: 2008 / 06 / 02
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Did you notice? I've just seen that Google has a new favicon. I couldn't find any new thing across all other services, though (Gmail and stuff). Is this a first step in some bigger redesign process? No more green-blue-red-yellow logo on the search page?

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  1. hmmm… No didn't notice – I had to point my Firefox to and ctrl-f5 it to get it to refresh the favicon…

    But now I see it – quite the different look!

  2. johnbillion says:

    The gradient on the background is hideous. They should make the background transparent.

  3. redwall_hp says:

    Yeah, I noticed it yesterday and Twittered it. (Personally, I think the old icon was better.) I wonder why they changed it. Is a redesign underway, or was someone at Google bored?

  4. Ozh says:

    Yeah, I don't like it neither :) The old school logo was cooler

  5. The Watcher says:

    Yeah – I wonder if it is part of a MUCH BIGGER CHANGE?

  6. Yonghwee says:

    It looks awful!

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