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On: 2008 / 05 / 13
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Two months ago, I wrote an article about per-user admin color schemes that WordPress 2.5 brought in its bag of new features. A few days laters, I received an email from COLOURlovers' chief lover, Darius, letting me know about the API they were about to release (and did released since, of course)

At this time, I had no spare time to work on it but the idea grew in my mind, and a few weeks ago I started coding something really fun. You might have seen the teasing earlier this month, and if not, skip it, my screencasting skills have dramatically improved since ;)

Here it goes: I'm pleased to introduce the Admin CSS Designer, a plugin that lets you design and tweak real time your admin color scheme. It fetches colorful palettes from COLOURlovers, make a CSS of it, then lets you edit and modify colors without coding anything or refreshing the page. Once you're pleased with the result, save it as a standalone and reusable CSS.

I made a 3 minutes demonstration video along with a few sexy screenshots, so what are you waiting for? The Admin CSS Designer is waiting for your love!

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