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On: 2007 / 10 / 18
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Welcome back to the "Who Sees Ads" blog. No, seriously, I'd really like to get over this now, but I guess it's all my fault if when I add features, some pesky bugs manage to sneak in :)

Some were quite trivial to fix, but I'd like to publicly thank Steffen Richter again for his help. Steffen sent me the best bug report I've had since I started to write plugins (hey, it was more than 3 years ago now!). Some bugs he reported were excellent (and unnoticed till now) catches, and he suggested bits of code that were really helpful. Steffen, thanks again!

Changelog for this (last! I promise!) version is :

  • <--wsa:mystuff–> now works again. Oops :)
  • I removed the so-called WP-Cache support. This plugin is just broken when it comes to keeping some parts of a page dynamic.
  • There are new options, both in the admin page and the my_options.php file.
  • The plugin now support rotating ads : one context, multiple codes for it, the plugin will randomly pick one of them.

For the updated documentation and download link, please visit Who Sees Ads.

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