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On: 2007 / 10 / 14
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Another upgrade for Who Sees Ads, everybody's favorite ad management plugin. This version is not a trivial bug fix but do contains a few interesting stuff for everybody.

New features:

  • Widget support! Thanks to the excellent Denis de Bernardy's suggestions and code, widget aware themes can now fully manage object positioning in their sidebars. A widget is created for each ad you'd create in the plugin.
  • Better WP-Cache support. Yet another suggestion from Denis, the plugin simply echoes results within a WP-Cache comment wrapper that tell WP-Cache to make sure Who Sees Ads' output is always dynamic and never pulled from the cache. One of those "how on Earth did I manage not to think about this by myself" moments :)
  • Views per visitor: a new display rule, suggested and coded by Paula from EZ Expert Website Tools, allows to define how many time each visitor should see something. This will be great for nags such as "Subscribe to my feed", which you obviously don't want to pester your regular readers with.
  • Personal advanced settings. Remember my-hacks.php from old WordPress versions? Who Sees Ads now has a my_options.php file which can contain a few stuff to override default behaviors: search engine list, disabling widgets, and more. For advanced users only.
  • A few small bugfixes which should fix possible problems with ShittyMCE Editor

This should be the last update for a while, except of course in case of a major breakage or trivial bug. I think the plugin has grown to something very powerful and very mature, in particular thanks to wonderful feedback and suggestions from users and readers. I'm quite proud of what it has become now, especially this kick ass user interface :)

So, what's next now ? I want to polish my next plugin, almost ready for release. Don't want to say too much yet, but I think it has the potential for becoming my most popular plugin :)

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5 Blablas

  1. I somehow can't get the new WP-Cache call to function. I uploaded the new 1.3 (deactivated first) and the moment I activated WSA 1.3 all pages went completely white (no output). I fixed it for the moment by commenting the new Wp-Cache option in my_options.php, but would really like to use this combination.

    Also: I believe WP-Cache needs both the mclude and mfunc functions, but I noticed you only call mfunc. Is this on purpose? If Denis has this working, maybe there's a way to get directly in touch with him.

  2. Public Enemy says:

    I upgraded the plugin but now the ad that should appear in posts when visitor comes from a search engine has gone away. I can't see the when I review the code through the browser but it's there when I edit the post.

  3. Ozh says:

    Public Enemy » You're not supposed to view <!--wsa:ABC–> in the rendered source. Instead you should see a HTML comment like "WSA: context not displayed because….".
    About the search engine referring, code has not changed, and still works fine on all my blogs.

  4. Ozh says:

    Jean-Paul Horn » everything looks fine on my side with WP-Cache. I will further test things anyway.

  5. Karthik says:

    Ozh, I'd like to thank you for fixing the "Shitty"MCE issue ;) I have heard issues about it, but I continue to use it for the lack of a better editor that's also simple enough.

    I'll test this one right away and let you know how it goes – thanks again!

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