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On: 2006 / 03 / 06
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Station Ripper

This screenshot of the "About…" splash screen is here to make French readers laugh. And they surely will, as the translation is by far the ubermost badest I've ever seen in a software, to a point that makes it pathetically funny.

The whole interface of Station Ripper is more or less as gawky as you would expect from the above screenshot. Honestly ugly. It looks like what I used to create in Visual Basic ten years ago.

Besides this, the software actually works pretty well. It's ripping Shoutcast streams into separate mp3 files, and hence claims to be a legal way to download music. Just as legal as recording a FM radio on a tape, I guess.

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  1. armouf says:

    huhu, c'est aixcellent. Je cours la version libre !!

    elle court, elle courrtttt la version libreee (sur l'air de la maladie d'amour)

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