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On: 2006 / 03 / 03
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HA ! This is too silly. Some folks with way too much spare time over at Microsoft are developping a way of managing your email with… a mouse and a keyboard ? Old school ! Too lazy ! With something like a Dance Dance Revolution pad. Yes.

This is called StepMail (video .wmv, 21 mb) and they even have a Step UI research program to create more "Fun physical interfaces for everyday tasks" and take care of more obese people than you can shake a mouse at.

Not sure yet if it's funny or really pathetic :Þ (via)

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  1. Leave it to microsoft to come up with something like this – personally I think the Wii has a good idea in the way they made you have to exercise to play the game. Kids are going to play video games there's no stopping that, but making the video games more fitness intensive, or involve exercise might help the youth of the nation stem off obesity. I wish I would've gone outside more, or done something when I was young, it is so much harder to try and lose weight now that I'm coming up on 30 years of age.

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