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On: 2005 / 11 / 03
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The Typo Trap, 4 days after launch : how did this internal linkage mayhem get crawled by search engines ? Every page there generates about 120 random internal links from 3000 keywords, plus an infinite number of misspelled links (with tag rel="nofollow"), I was wondering if it would catch some bots.

  • MSN Bot came by about 8 hours after the stuff went live. And indexed 8 times the index.php page since.
  • Googlebot first came about 9 hours after public launch. Then, 10 hours later, it came back, and fetched 96 pages in less than 30 seconds. How nice on server load.
  • Yahoo's Slurp showed up about 3 hours after the site was launched. It has been indexing more than 8000 pages since its first visit, and counting as of writing, following even links with rel="nofollow". I guess this is part of Yahoo's "we are bigger than Google" plan.

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  1. RaiL-FleX says:

    Salut Ozh !

    Brillante idée, ça devient une vraie habitude !
    Je suis sûr que les sites de "oprno" vont s'en régaler ;)

    Cependant, le site a un léger soucis d'affichage sous konqueror
    (tout navigateur basé sur KHTML je présume, j'en sais rien en fait …) :

    A voir si ce phénomène persiste avec la nouvelle version de konqueror devant sortir avec KDE 3.5

    A toi de voir si tu devenir accessible à 0.00000001 % d'internautes dans le Monde !

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