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On: 2005 / 10 / 04
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For a new site I recently decided to launch, I needed to find some web hosting. The site will be more of an experiment than a real thing, so I didn't want to throw too much money in it. But the thing is, I also feel the need for features most cheap hosting providers don't include in their basic offers. I just can't live without an SSH access, for instance. So, I started to search for the dream offer, and … w00t ! I think I found a kick ass deal.

What I bought :

  • a domain name, registered for one year
  • 4800 MB of disk storage (increasing each week by 40 Mo, that will sum up to 6880 MB in one year)
  • 120 GB of monthly bandwidth (+ 1 GB each week)
  • Unlimited number of domains or subdomains hosted on this account
  • Unlimited MySQL db, email aliases, …
  • Full Unix shell with SSH access ! And crontab ! Couldn't believe it till I was logged in :)
  • Awesome support ! Sent one mail, got a replied 8 minutes later with a relevant answer
  • Really complete control panel with more features and 1-click-install software than I'll ever need

How much is that you ask ? For all these things I've paid exactly … $23.88 for the whole year.

So, here comes now the blatant affiliate link which is truely worth it if you ask me : I've bought this account at DreamHost. This is their basic offer with the following trick : pay for one whole year at once (or two years) and enter "888" as a promotional code. They are celebrating their 8th birthday which is worth 80% off the bill (could be time limited, I'm not sure).

God I'm pleased and excited :-)

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  1. DavidX66 says:

    Et en plus, ils gèrent tous WebDAV. Si ça c'est pas de la valeur ajoutée, alors.

  2. Marco says:

    Damn that's nice! I'll setup an account as soon as I can! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Marco says:

    The Dreamhost blog says this offer is valid for the first 888 new hosting plans.

    For the first 888 new signups, you can get 80% off the first year of any 1-2 year plan by using the promo code “888″ when signing up!

    Apparently this number hasn't been reached yet because I got myself the same plan as you did. I'll migrate my sites this weekend. W00t!

  4. Ozh says:

    w00t ! :)
    (and not w00t for their referral stuff, it didn't seem to credit me anything)

  5. Marco says:

    The 888 promotional thing removed the referral thing… Sorry, it wasn't me! ;)

  6. Luc says:

    What a deal!! (hi hi hi)
    Ozh, you da man!!
    the 888 trick worked for me as well :D

    (what happens in a year time?)

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