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On: 2005 / 06 / 07
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Sequel of my unfortunate Adventures in Linuxland (see my previous post about switching from Linux to Windows).

While I was completely unable to do anything with my Linux installation (LILO failing to start and the bootable rescue CD couldn't repair the boot sector) I booted on Windows which was installed on another hard drive and then, using a neat software called Explore2fs (WIN32 explorer for Linux ext2fs partitions) I eventually managed to copy my /home directory to another (Windows) disk. Thank God, I did not lose my data (a few useless divx, some cool bash scripts, local mirrors of my websites and thousands of more than precious photos)

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  1. deepthi says:

    nice tutorial Explore2fs version 2.0 released and available on site

  2. I prefer ext2ifs because it's free and transparent. Once you've installed and configured you don't even notice it's there. (No I'm not connected with them, but I've used the program for years and can vouch for it.)

    I also keep my personal files on a separate hard drive. Seriously, if you've got more than one hard drive, your operating systems can share. They're replaceable. But if you ever need to wipe your hard drive, you'll be glad that your photos are elsewhere. I also back up every day using a fantastic Linux program called Unison.


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