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On: 2005 / 06 / 14
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The new Technorati has a neat new feature : the Tags search pages now provide RSS feeds. This is really cool : I used to regularly check the CSS tagged links from, but this makes a much more relevant source of information to look after when tracking news about a given subject. Now adding technorati/tag/css to my feed reader, hope it will be reliable.

Now I'm starting to find Technorati actually useful. I guess this is something like "You know you blog too much" syndrome #30 or something like this …

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  1. TechCrunch says:

    Profile: Technorati (New)

    Company: Technorati

    Technorati fully launched their new beta with a slightly different look than the beta announced 10 days ago (profile here).
    Complete list of new features can be seen here (Dave Sifry's blog) and at the new Technorati corp…

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