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Posted On: 2009 / 02 / 28

I bet a number of you will recognize the following logo: on the left side of the picture is the cute bird on his branch as used by Twitter (you see it on their home page when you are logged off, or on the Support page). What about the right side?[...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2009 / 02 / 25

LastFM Love Tweet: tweets every track you "love" on so you can share it with with your followers. Neat![...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2009 / 02 / 22

Lolcats, All Your Base, Miss Teen South Carolina, Diet Coke + Mentos… If this kind of internet phenomena bores you, don't click the "Read more" link. But of course, if you want to remember them all (and then view some) in a neat timeline, go ahead![...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2009 / 02 / 21

Now that's a fun, yet a bit extreme, use for Twitter. Anti Privacy is a Greasemonkey extension (ie javascript) bit that, simply put, tweets every URL you visit, as seen for instance here. Consider this the absolute opposite of privacy. First thoughts: LOL, with a snatch of OMG, and obviously a morsel of WTF. Now, […][...] → Read more

Most of the time, I quite like coding WordPress plugins. Nonetheless, in the programming flow, there is something that I hate: all the localization process that takes place at the end of a project. That is, making sure I didn't hardcode a string that won't be translated, creating or updating the .pot template files ("OK, […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2009 / 02 / 12

Interesting read of the day: How to estimate a programming job, when you have to quote for a client. I'm freelancing occasionally, depending on spare time and interest I have in the project I'm contacted for, and quoting is definitely the aspect that I dislike the most. I definitely will try to set a "quoting […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2009 / 02 / 03

Zenphoto 1.2.3 is available. But why is this something that I'm highlighting, you may ask? A couple of years ago I went for Coppermine but I never really liked it, so I was recently looking for something fresh. I was pointed to zenphoto, which I immediately found much better. Still, while coding my custom theme, […][...] → Read more