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Posted On: 2012 / 11 / 30

I said the other day that I wanted Git t-shirts, because when I like something, I want t-shirts of it. I couldn't find any. So I made some: Git t-shirts The Git logo by Jason Long has a very permissive license (CC BY) that allows practically anything as long as the author's name is mentionned. […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2012 / 11 / 27

I think I've set up a pretty efficient Git environment on Windows and, as promised in a previous post about my Git initiatic journey, I'm sharing it, hoping it'll be useful to someone. Another quite lengthy post I'm afraid, feel free to grab a cup of something before you start reading.[...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2012 / 11 / 13

I'm a SVN user. Nowadays, all the cool kids have a Github account where they host stuff and use Git as their primary Source Control tool, and prefer it over the usual SVN you've probably got to use. I'm not a cool kid and for the last few years (since WordPress started the plugin repository […][...] → Read more