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On: 2009 / 02 / 03
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Zenphoto 1.2.3 is available. But why is this something that I'm highlighting, you may ask?

A couple of years ago I went for Coppermine but I never really liked it, so I was recently looking for something fresh. I was pointed to zenphoto, which I immediately found much better. Still, while coding my custom theme, I encountered a number of limitations or bugs that I wanted to fix. Which I did: I proposed a number of patches that were included. Mainly, I'm responsible in this release for ditching prototype in favor of jQuery, and for introducing a new type of plugin API function: add_filter(), apply_filter(), does this ring a bell to anyone here?

Zenphoto is still a bit messy in my opinion from a coder's perspective, but on the surface it's simple, unbloated, very usable, a snap to theme and to customize. I really like it :)

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  1. netsabes says:

    I'm wondering if is there a WordPress plugin to replace WP gallery system with zenphoto? Would that be complicated to do?

  2. Ozh says:

    netsabes: don't think so, and probably.

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