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On: 2009 / 02 / 21
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Now that's a fun, yet a bit extreme, use for Twitter. Anti Privacy is a Greasemonkey extension (ie javascript) bit that, simply put, tweets every URL you visit, as seen for instance here. Consider this the absolute opposite of privacy.

First thoughts: LOL, with a snatch of OMG, and obviously a morsel of WTF. Now, I actually like the concept. I like the concept of exhaustive archive: since I'm already keeping track of every song I listen too, every movie I watch, why not store somewhere every page I visit? Maybe it would make something fun to play with: how many pages visited last year? How many different sites? What, only twice on planetozh? This accounts for less than porn!

As fun as it sounds, Twitter is probably not the best storage platform for this: Twitter's search engine is definitely not robust enough, 140 character is not enough to store a title and a URL, and a few other hundred reasons. Yet, I definitely like the idea :)

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  1. stratosg says:

    this is rather funny and i think i agree with LOL, OMG and WTF :)

  2. Google web history does this for me and provides all kinds of fun stats. I don't know if it does an exact play by play but I can see all of my searches and it seems that most of my time logged in with google toolbar or using chrome gets logged to the web history (or maybe with google desktop) anyway it's an interesting start and the stats on what you search for and visit via the search engine are really interesting (I like to look at the times of day that I do the most searches)

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