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I've just committed a quick update to Admin Drop Down Menu, now showing version number 2.2.1 This update brings in a few CSS tweaks and improves the compatibility with Fluency, so if you're using this admin theme you'll be happier after upgrading. On the subject of this wonderful little plugin, my ego quite inflated yesterday […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 08 / 08

Here is part 2 (of 2) of my "reviewing", mostly from a plugin coder's point of view, the plugins running in the WordPress Plugin Competition. Please, please and puh-leaaase, if you are a contestant and if you didn't read Part One, do read it before you proceed to part 2. There is a mandatory disclaimer […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 08 / 07

Every year or so, the excellent staff from the excellent Weblog Tools Collection runs a Plugin Competition. This is a very exciting moment of the plugin year because it fosters plugin coding and plugin ideas, and introduces new coders. This year, 50 plugins were submitted, which I think is excellent. As I looked at some […][...] → Read more

Hello my dear Readers, guess who's back? My holidays were pretty enjoyable. I spent a lot of time with my two kids, and had a very enjoyable week with my wife in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where we had a taste of all the great stuff this country has to offer: white sand beaches, warm […][...] → Read more