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I've updated two of my plugins today: Absolute Comments to version 2.2 and Admin Drop Down Menu to version 2.1. So, what's new ?

Absolute Comments 2.2 brings its own administration page within the admin area and fixes the "View All" links (to view all comments for a particular post) which were broken for pages and attachments. This plugin now has more javascript than PHP, I think it's time I stop :)

Admin Drop Down Menu 2.1 adds WPMU compatibility, gets rid of a few CSS glitches with MSIE7-which-I-absolutely-hate-and-even-prefer-MSIE6-by-far, and is now able to dynamically resize its elements if you happen to have too many top-level or submenu links. Running 120 plugins, or running on a 800*600 screen? Have no fear.

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  1. 1
    Anggie Indonesia »
    commented, on 20/Apr/08 at 12:56 am # :

    Hmm.. I'll try for Admin Drop Down Menu.. It's look great :)

    Btw, what the meaning of "Fake Plugin" in your screenshot?

  2. 2
    Rick United States »
    replied, on 20/Apr/08 at 1:40 am # :

    Really liking Absolute Comments. I'll upgrade and check it out.

    RickZilla on the IRC WordPress channel

  3. 3
    Shaun Rotman Canada »
    said, on 20/Apr/08 at 10:53 am # :

    This new version of Admin Drop Down Menu breaks its compatibility with Dean Robinson's Fluency Admin :(

    No offense, but I'm going to have to choose Fluency over Admin Drop Down in the meantime until the plugin has been fixed.

    I love you work. Looking forward to future updates.

  4. 4
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 20/Apr/08 at 3:52 pm # :

    Shaun Rotman, NSpeaks, Hemisphere and others ยป Fixed. Redownload the plugin please (I didn't bump the version up so it won't appear obsolete in your plugin page)

  5. 5
    Diego Argentina »
    thought, on 21/Apr/08 at 8:05 am # :

    Hi Ozh, I've updated the translation to spanish on my site. I didn't saw the new menu to translate, is it there? I didn't want to touch the php code to translate it for the users. Anyway, here is the link even with a readme file in spanish, so you could add it like LEEME.txt or Readme_es.txt, jaja I don't know…

    Link | Absolute Comments 2.2 in Spanish

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