On: 2009/03/05
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When playing with a local WordPress installation, for development purpose, you don't want to spend time login to your test site. Loading an admin page with another browser to check if your neat CSS/JS combo works smoothly? Cookie deleted? You just don't want to log again, right.

Never log in

This plugin is intended to be used on test sites only, obviously: whoever loads an admin page is authentified as 'admin' and gets full right.
A visual reminder is here to, well, remind you that you're using the No Login plugin.


A simple yet efficient plugin for developers.


Get the plugin :

Download the plugin :
Extract and upload to your blog, preserving directory structure.

Activate. Get back to coding and never bother about the login form interruption again.

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  1. […] toot! Here is my own No Login plugin. Its purpose is simple: never see the login form again and directly load pages of the admin […]

  2. Bryan says:

    I am looking for a plugin using your email as the login that would not require a password. The email would be stored in wordpress to be used for news briefs. I don't want people to have to wait on a password to be emailed or have to remember a password.

  3. taylor says:

    I would like it to be useful and efficient, not wasting time remembering a password or waiting for email for password to be given.

  4. […] dan aktifkan plugin seperti biasa, caranya seperti ini: Download terlebih dahulu pluginnya dari sini. Ekstrak terlebih dahulu kemudian letakkan di folder wordpress tepatnya di wp-content/plugin […]

  5. […] Ancak çerezleri sildi?imde tekrar ayn? ?ekilde giri? yapmak zorunda kal?r?m. PlanetOzh buna No-Login eklentisiyle çözüm bulmu?. Eklenti ile giri? yapmadan yönetici haklar?na sahip oluyorsunuz. […]

  6. qsf says:


    register plus plugin allow user to define is password, and so to connect without email confirmation

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