On: 2012/12/19
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By default, when you log into your WordPress blog, the "Remember Me" checkbox is not checked. This might make sense if you always log from public places and shared computers, but it's just a little hassle otherwise. Also, once logged in, the authentication cookie is set to expire after 14 days.

Dear Blog, please remember me!

Dear Blog, please remember me!

Dear Blog: Always Remember Me. Thanks.

Quick and simple plugin:

  • The "Remember Me" checkbox will be always checked. Save, like, pfwoah, 26 clicks per year and per blog.
  • The auth cookie expiration is set to one year instead of two weeks

Basically, unless you manually log out, your blog will always remember you.


Download the plugin :
Always Remember Me
Extract and upload to your blog, preserving directory structure if any.

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  1. WPStuffs says:

    Very useful plugin..thankx for this I would like to inform u that WPBeginner.com featured your plugin on their blog.

  2. DiseƱo Web says:

    Perfect, no problem thanks.

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