On: 2006/02/14
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Soft. Grey. Elegant. Simple. Light. Cute ? Cute. This is miniBlog.

Introducing miniBlog

Originally, miniBlog is a template by Six Shooter Media. I found it so nice that I thought it deserved to be a real theme rather than a one page template :)

The theme for WordPress I made from it is visually as close to the original template as it could be (click for larger screenshot). It's :

  • light and lightweight with less than 5 kb of images and background.
  • centered and fixed width
  • ideal for personal blog light on content and graphics
  • neat

Under the hoods, I added a few features that WordPress and my Theme Toolkit allow : an admin menu, integrated into your admin area, that allows configuration of a few things :

  • Optional Asides support : define which category you want to appear as "Asides", and you're done
  • Third party feed support : use Feedburner or the like ? Your feed URL in your theme will be the correct one
  • Special Announcement : got a special sticky notice to display for some time ? Nothing to hack, just enter it in the admin panel
  • Toggable sidebar elements : want or don't want to display the calendar ? your archives ? your links ? Everything is just a click away

Download miniBlog for WordPress

Download miniBlog ! (or just view zip content if you're curious)

Extract the zip into yourblog/wp-content/themes/ and happy miniblogging !


I'm just a humble packager for WordPress. All credits go to James Koster from Six Shooter Media. You will find there other quality templates, and everything is open-source and free. Ain't this a wonderful world ? Thanks you James :)

Pattern used in this theme was made from material available at Squidfingers Patterns. Don't go there, there are so many patterns that you will lose your mind trying to chose one.

The admin menu is powered by the WordPress Theme Toolkit, an uberleet piece of code made by someone very very nice and smart, that makes adding an admin menu into a theme as easily as editing 3 lines. Damn, doesn't this sound amazing ?

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  1. […] miniBlog: tiny, light, soft grey, rather elegant and clean theme for WordPress. Comes with admin features such as built-in Asides support. Technorati Tags: templates themes wordpress wordpress theme   […]

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  3. lefteris says:

    There is a problem with the .zip

  4. […] Ozh ported this theme to WP. According to him it's: […]

  5. Ryan says:

    Yep, problem here too, won't unzip on my mac

  6. Ozh says:

    Mac users : can you please describe a bit more the problem ? Do you have the same problem with zip links here and here ?

  7. Dana says:

    I like the clean look of the theme but it is just a tad bit too thin and the font too small.A somewhat wider version would be nice.

    My Recent Posts text ran off the sidebar because it was so then.

    It's a nice theme but it needs more tweaking.

  8. Doug says:

    Mac user report: The zip file will not decompress with the Mac built-in zip tools. I tried your other links and they were the same. However, Stuffit Expander is able to decompress the files just fine. I suspect they may be compressed with a zip variation that isn't supported under all implementations.

  9. Stephen says:

    Hey, you should really build a theme out of the andreas02 template by Andreas Viklund. With your extra admin menu it would be an awesome theme!!!

  10. Martijn says:

    Your zipfiles don't work at OSX 10.4.5.


  11. RagManX says:

    Hmmmm, I can't get a valid .zip either. Trying to open using 7-Zip, instead of getting whatever should be in the zip, I get a listing of everything in the directory that I've saved the .zip in. Tried rebooting. Tried downloading via IE instead of FireFox. Haven't tried a different extractor yet, but will do that, too.

  12. […] miniBlog,简洁的灰色调两栏模版,拥有自己的后台设置界面,可以对侧栏内容做定制。 […]

  13. Maria says:

    Does this theme support sidebar Widgets?

  14. […] miniBlog,简洁的灰色调两栏模版,拥有自己的后台设置界面,可以对侧栏内容做定制。 […]

  15. opiater says:

    Why the zip content is empty?

  16. Ozh says:

    Oops ! Fixed :)

  17. […] miniBLOG is also available as a WordPress theme which you can download here. […]

  18. nano says:

    Sorry for my bad english!
    I have used your miniBlog wordpress theme and I have some suggestions:
    1. You should define a sidebar name so you can put widgets in your sidebar.
    2. If you have 2 or more category links, it will heap up together. And each category does not display its links!
    And last: lol your theme is not valid XHTML 1.0.
    That's all my thinks.
    I'm busy now and want to play a game. BYE!

  19. wayans says:

    zip empty file… :lol:

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