On: 2005/05/17
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Year 2004 — at least for me :) — was the year when something interesting occurred in the internet : a website went insanely popular, and part of its success was probably quite a unique name and branding, getting rid of the traditionnal dot com, but instead using its top level domain to make a fun name. You got it, I'm talking about del.icio.us

Indeed, del.icio.us opened my eyes and I realized the top level domain (the last part of it, after the last dot) could be more than a meaningless extension. It can be used to give your domain more sense, and more fun. So I went with a fun little (well not so little) exercise : have an idea of a cool domain to register for every top level domain available. That's right ladies and gentlemen, here are 249 suggestions for your next site or weblog domain, from .ac to .zw (well, at least I tried with 249 domains, but some were really unusable :)

The article is divided in 8 pages :

  1. This intro
  2. Domains from A to B
  3. Domains from C to F
  4. Domains from G to J
  5. Domains from K to M
  6. Domains from N to S
  7. Domains from T to Z
  8. Further resources, tips to registrants and a few things I've learned
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  1. Vidar says:

    burkina faso: ihate.my.bf
    cameroon: cooking.with.cm (its an actual website, well almost)
    jamaica: ytse.jm
    latvia: fall.in.lv
    moldova: john.doe.md medical doctor, duh
    maldives: d.mv
    ober.kam.pf could be for the new flickr gallery thingy
    pakistan is for gamers too: fags.who.pk
    pitcairn island more fun for gamers at i.pn (short of pwn)
    palau is for when you lose.your.pw
    chad is a place where you'll never get an s.td
    gamers and more gamers in French Southern Territories love to play.c.tf
    i hear you can get good plas.tk in tokelau

  2. BOK says:

    Dude, I'd love to take a hike in your mind for a couple of weeks and grab some ideas ;-)
    This really is a superb post!

  3. Ozh says:

    Heh thank you BOK :)

  4. Registering Non Dot Com Domain Names

    Forget the old .com ! Suggestions for a new type of domains : from .ac to .zw…

  5. Just a note about .pt TLD: you must own a company or trademark with a name which is coherent with the domain name. Therefore, to own those .pt suggestions, one had to be the owner of a company called "SCRI, Ltd." or something. It is, though, still available, so there is still the chance that some company is founded in order to sell "scri.pt" hosting… ;)

  6. Sideblog says:

    Non Dot Com Cool Domain Names

    Non Dot Com Cool Domain Names…

  7. Non Dot Com Cool Domain Names

    Here are 249 suggestions for your next site or weblog domain, from .ac to .zw!

  8. Ali_ix says:

    Again another Usefull Article here ;)
    I am reading Pages !
    Nice adn interesting to read :D

  9. Jesus says:

    Oh, pretty good list! However another drawback for therse domain are prices… just check the price of the Spanish .es and you fall backwards.

  10. Ozh says:

    Yes, I've checked a few registrar from time to time and some TLD are just ridiculously expensive, or too strict on their policy (must own a company in the country or stuff like that)
    Too bad :)

  11. echa says:

    .be from belgium, another word can be: tu.be :)

  12. Cool Domain Names

    These are very interesting

  13. Yeah echa, there in fact used to be a famous Belgian chat server called chat.to.be (now place.to.be), and I'm talking +- 1995 here.

  14. Jeeeezzz
    Great lists… great names… funny too!
    This will be the new naming era.
    how cool is it?!?!

  15. Domain hunting: 220,000+ domain ideas

    Yes, you've read it right – I am about to give you more than 220,000 ideas for domain names. And no secrets too…
    I stumbled upon this blog entry, which talks about del.icio.us and how the domain name was a part of the success of that site…

  16. hemostick says:

    .bw (Botswana) : alot.of.bw for bandwidth providers ?

  17. hemostick says:

    .dk (Denmarkà : je.bois.du.dk

  18. […] in fact im so bored ill give you a link. crazy cool dot coms […]

  19. Domain Hacks says:

    Check out this search: domainhacks

  20. Check it out: wikipedia domain hack (Ozh, I've been meaning to private email you, but I have found no email.)

  21. Ozh says:

    Thanks for the link on wikipedia Matthew, actually I've just found it earlier today when checking my logs. And thanks for the info about your search engine, it's really cool ! Too bad I didn't know about it when I wrote this article, it would have saved me a few hours for sure :)
    (as for my email, it's right under every post title, but I'm going to add it into the About page, maybe it's not visible enough :)

  22. Ah, I see your email now! :) I knew it was here somewhere. Usually I view source and search "@", but your blog commenting satisfied me enough I guess. Cool article, if I have not said so already. Thanks for updating the wiki page, too.

  23. joey says:

    unfortuneatly ge.st costs 999EUR for two years!!! bu you could get d.ige.st, not as good.

  24. Ozh, similar to Leonid's effort, I made a suggestion tool using the Moby List. I added different filtering methods to help users search through the massive number of results (over 300,000). The more common words are also highlighted to ease the search effort further. (Perhaps you'd like to take a look and fill in some of the gaps you have in your list?)

  25. […] You can find inspirations on how to use 249 alternative domain names on Ozh blog

  26. michael says:

    Maybe I missed it but you left out ".us", under which my domain falls "prete.ntio.us"!

  27. Ozh says:

    You missed it :)

  28. […] At the very least, this bookmarking site has taught us that even if all the cool domain names are taken, an exercise in creativity can bag even cooler ones. […]

  29. […] Her er en gut som har gjort et forsøg pÃ¥ at finde alternative navne til samtlige 249 tld'er. Men for Danmark kunne han ikke finde et. […]

  30. […] Non Dot Com Cool Domain Names […]

  31. Ali says:

    I was going to register pl.ug (so my site would be un.pl.ug), but 2 letter domain names (the pl part) aren't allowed. Unpl.ug was registered, and it also costs me $60 ish for 2 years.
    I'll be going with a .com >_

  32. eLi gARF says:

    1. thanks for the great info (that should be 1, sorry)2. consider also the ease of input on a cel phone key pad. you know, how 1 push for a, d g… 2 pushes for b, e, h …did you know you can spell pajama with only 6 pushes!?

    3. all porn sites should be required to use .cum

  33. Peags says:

    How do you like pea.gs ;) Scroll to the bottom for the definition!

  34. Spambot says:

    hi this is spambot.
    your simple question of 10 + 7 is not gonna stop me from spamming.
    Actually wanted to tell that it is actually impossible to get a registration für .tr TLDs with something like feeds.tr, fri.ends.tr or re.gis.tr. Since only registrations like .org.tr, .com.tr, .k12.tr, etc. are accepted. Just like UK will only give away .me.uk, .co.uk or .org.uk. ..

  35. joseph says:

    i've got options:

    >CY13.ORG / cyl3.org : a l33t domain hack!

    >pl.usmin.us/zero : also min.usmin.us, or possible roman characters from asterix comics… urs.usmin.us etc

  36. Meredith says:

    Another barrier to some of these, besides cost and requiring a local presence, is the lack of top-level names. Some countries, such as Australia, only allow .com.au – there's no .au available.

  37. Moby says:

    What about mmor.pg? [LOL]
    Sadly the PNG authorities say that in most cases the domain name must resemble the company name.

  38. CarlB says:

    For .pt, to register directly at second-level requires forking over an extra €100 once to trademark the name; .com.pt is available to anyone.

    Minimum length varies widely; many places have a three-character minimum or charge a hefty premium for the shortest names. The CoCCA.cx domains are minimum two-characters, as is .lv and .gs, but don't bother trying to get ca.ca in Canada as that registration merely craps out. An individual Unicode character as a name works in some places and not others; .com will let you register anything but many of the best picks are taken.

    The situation with Spanish .es is unfortunate; there are many words that pluralise with -es terminations but it looks like the linkspammers have registered most of the English-language dictionary there already and posted one page of useless pay-per-click advertising on each name.

  39. CarlB says:

    Pity there's no second-level .Au available, it would be gold. :)

  40. CarlB says:

    Looks like mmor.pg is a no-go, as according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.pg these require local presence for Papua New Guinea and registrations are third-level beneath .com.pg, .net.pg, .ac.pg, .gov.pg, .mil.pg, and .org.pg.

    Maybe you should tack an -s onto the end of that, which would land you in some completely different country. :)

  41. […] of my most popular entries here is Non .com Cool Domain Names, where I go through 249 top level domains (from .ac to .zw) to suggest fun or interesting […]

  42. I'm right there with you buddy!

    I love playing with words and have also come up with some really cool domain names. Some have the coveted dotcom extension, others use various other extensions that make the result into a real word, like


    I've heard this called hacking, but don't really understand what the problem is. All the above site have some pretty good traffic stats.

    Check out my website where you'll find some other top notch domain names for sale, you can list your own domain names for sale, and pick up my free Special Report "How To Turn Domain Names Into Dollars"

  43. DaveS says:

    Thought of this back in mid-nineties when I was registering my first domain. Ones I thought of then were:

    gar.net <- semi-precious stone

  44. sheepdip says:

    You forgot the Cook Islands: .co.ck

    E.g. monster.co.ck, a recruitment company :-)

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