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On: 2014 / 01 / 13
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I've always had a fascination for Github timeline graphs since they released it. It's simple and pretty and potentially meaningful (and fits nicely on a geek tshirt). Yes, it may say things about you.

The following is an attempt at decrypting what a few actual Github timelines say, or might say, or don't say at all, after a thorough and thoughtful psychosocial analysis that guarantees an accuracy of roughly 2% in the best case ;)

I'm a student


"I love this thing, but unfortunately I haven't got much time for it except during summer holiday and a couple days during holiday season. Also, I wish I could spend more time on this!"

I have too much time on my hands


"Oh my, I love that tool I love that site I love that timeline graph I have to make something witty with it. Also, I suck at pixel art."

I'm a reliable guy


"Github is not my primary dev platform. This said, I have a few projects hosted there, and they're all maintained. Also, count on me to monitor open issues and answer them in a timely manner."

I'm a nerd. No, wait. I'm THE nerd


"It's already 10am and I haven't committed anything, I'm starting to feel fuzzy inside, I should get back to work. Also, my command line Twitter client t is pretty neat"

I'm an annoying noob


"Hi! I've just created an account here on Github to open an issue that's obvious but I can't be arsed to search or read the wiki first. Also, I need to install Facebook on my Mom's computer, how do I do that?"

I'm a professional. 9-17, Mon-Fri


"I use Github at work, but week-ends are not for work, they're family time. Also, Boss, please, I had only one week off during July and another for Halloween, I need holidays!"

I'm new and I'm hooked


"Hi there! I'm new here and what can I say, I *love* it here! Woohoo! Also, I'm super enthusiastic!"

I'm handsome, sympathetic and smart


"During July I take a month away from computers, no need to bother opening issues here. Also, YOURLS 1.7 is just out, did you update?"

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  1. Miron says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing :)

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