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On: 2012 / 12 / 20
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I was having a look at my Profile page on and wondered how many downloads all my plugins had. Start Menu, Accessories, Calculat.. HEY? What am I doing here?

Bookmarklet Fun

The following Javascript snippet will do the job for you:


  1. (function () {
  2.     var total = 0,
  3.         count = 0;
  4.     jQuery('p.downloads').each(function (i, e) {
  5.         count++;
  6.         total += parseInt(jQuery(e).text().replace(/,/g, ''));
  7.     });
  8.     total = total.toString().replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ",");
  9.     alert(count + " plugins and " + total + " downloads");
  10. })();

Which makes that bookmarklet: Plugin Count. Drag to your bookmarks or right click and bookmark it, head to your profile page and trigger the bookmarklet!


More Bragginess: Tweet It!

Yeah, a humble alert box won't make the world and your Mom proud of you, right? Tweet Plugin Count!


Bookmarklets are fun. Two tools will help you:

Have fun!

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  1. Vladimir Prelovac says:

    Very clever!

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