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On: 2012 / 02 / 17
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I recently discovered Rodrigo y Gabriela, a duo of Mexican guitarists playing fast rhythmic acoustic guitars. Think Flamenco on steroids meets furious Rock. I'm totally hooked and want to share :)

The first track a friend introduced to me was their cover of Led Zep's Stairway to Heaven, and I immediately thought "wow, gotta check out more from them"

Being a metal head myself, I looked for more covers and boy I got excited by tons of live performances: Metallica's Orion, One, a quick reference to Slayer's Rain in Blood at the beginning of a song, Symphony of Destruction, Whiskey In The Jar. Do not miss that live jam session with living monster Robert Trujillo, they just fit too nicely together to be skipped.

OK, these guys obviously like classic metal and know how to cheer a live crowd up with hits everyone love. Their studio compositions are just pure awesomeness too.

Hanuman gives me giant goosebumps. Diablo Rojo makes me want to jump all over the place. On Tamacun my head just shakes all by itself. I could just list all their songs.

Seriously, go and search the whole interwebs for more videos of them. They're insanely good. ZOMG when I grow up I want to be a guitarist like Rodrigo :)

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  1. David V says:

    Really appreciate you sharing this Ozh!
    They are amazing! I've never heard of them, so this is a real treat.

  2. mgiulio says:

    Thanks for sharing, Ozh!
    The Orion cover is amazing.
    Do you know Vika Yermolyeva(aka vkgoeswild)? This live piano cover of Master Of Pappets is really great.
    And talking about Slayer, have a look at this live performance (with a drummer ) of 'One'(Metallica) and Raining Blood!

  3. umair says:

    wow wonderful marvelous how is he playing guitar great thanks for shaning

  4. Stephen R says:

    Hey Ozh — Awesome find! Just bought their first album. Thanks for posting this.

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