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On: 2010 / 12 / 17
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Every year, Christmas is a truly awesome event at my parents' with my sisters, wife and brothers-in-law. We offer each other a shitload of gifts while eating fine food cooked by Mom and drinking top notch wine prepared by Dad. In those dozens of gifts, of course a lot are mostly jokes or inexpensive stuff, and every year I make several DIY stuff that are funny and anticipated for.

Two years ago one of my presents was, for each couple, a little pack of "Love Coupons". I liked the cute sissiness of the idea but wanted to make it more funny and less sissy, so I scouted the web for Barbie and Ken pictures to make several cool coupons, such as these ones (in Fwench). Good for… a romantic night, a massage, kinky stuff, shopping with you, etc…, each time trying to more or less match the Barbie pic.

It was funny and girls loved it :) When I showed them to friends, several asked for the file so they could print the same, so here it is, in its full .PSD glory complete with 13 layers of different Barbie pics (and English messages).

Click to download the .psd (5.3 MB)

If you happen to use the PSD template and make some cool Love Coupons, be sure to share some pics :)

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  1. Shyko says:

    Need a FB "Like" button ;)

  2. Can I use one with credits?

  3. Ozh says:

    Pozycjonowanie ยป of course, it's here for anyone to use it

  4. redgouqi says:

    It looks sweet!

  5. stoneisland says:

    oh..thanks for your's useful…cheer!!!

  6. Alice says:

    At least this coupons eases our Christmas budget. Give more coupons!

  7. super cute <3 …get to find my answer about pretty loginURL plugin and get to see this is a double bonus! i love it when i get to step outside my geek for a minute!

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