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On: 2010 / 10 / 19
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Obligatory geekness and proselytism: "Ask me about WordPress"

WordPress Shirt

I just got it in the mail today so I instantly dropped all current affairs to take the picture :) Love this t-shirt? Get yours now on WordPress Shirts where you can vote for the next design they'll print (my favorite one is Powered by WP by the way). I also dig their fan section when you can submit your mugshot :)

Wear WordPress!

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5 Blablas

  1. Matt Martz says:

    I love it! And that hand sign looks familiar…now if I could only remember where I've seen it :)

  2. Ozh says:

    Matt Martz ยป Hey look at your avatar it's doing the same sign!! *tries to look genuinely surprised*

  3. I'm loving these shirt shots! Now I'm off to get some more shirts of my own!

  4. Gutschein says:

    Really nice ;-)

  5. custom tshirts says:

    haha, talk to my hands.

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