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On: 2010 / 08 / 25
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WordPress, you use it, you love it, wouldn't it be nice if it would also buy your beers and some more?

Over the recent months, a site that can make you big money has really found its audience, from a clever promising idea to an active community of users. I've already mentioned it when it started, and I mentioning it again now because it is getting big: WP Questions.

If you don't know this site, the theory is dead simple: people ask questions and disclose the little amount of money they're willing to offer, experts answer and hopefully win the cash if their answer gets selected.

Since its debuts, the site has gained real traction and what used to be cheap ass $3 questions are now much more interesting little gigs. Interestingly too, there are now coders who completely offloaded their support to WP Questions, such as Ronalfy with his WordPress and Ajax ebook.

Now, for the catchy headline: over the last week, the total amount of cash offered in questions has surpassed $350, with an average nearing $20 per question, and I suspect the trend is on the rise. Of course, it's uncertain you alone will snatch all the money with best answers each time, but that is a very decent pocket change source.

To catch on, be sure to subscribe to the numerous feeds the site offers, or even better, follow @wpquestions. First answers are usually damn fast (under 3 minutes) but the quickest does not always gives the best answer.

(This post is referral free, I blog about it because I like the service. Yet, if you want to do me a favor, you can still register through me)
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  1. Regarding the growth of WP Questions, we've posted a number of charts, available here:

    The data is noisy in the sense that things tend to bounce up and down a lot. But the last few weeks have clearly been good ones, and the rate at which people sign up has spiked pretty high.

    Who does what on the site is described here:

    We will soon be offering our software to others, as a hosted service, sort of like BaseCamp or TypePad. So if you or anyone else would like to start your own paid Q&A site, you will be able to do so.

  2. lawrence says:

    By the way, I was asked to give a talk about WP Questions to the local WordPress group, and it is now up on YouTube, in case you want my take on how the website is working out:

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