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On: 2009 / 09 / 17
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Every now and then, here and there, you've seen people asking for tips or articles explaining how you really can use "wordpress as a cms". I've read most of these articles, and they all fail and miss the point, honestly.

So, without further ado, I'll reveal The Definitive Guide To Using WordPress as a CMS.

What is a CMS

But first, a quick definition of what is a CMS. In short, a CMS or Content Management System is a software that lets you publish and edit various online content such as text, images and any web document.

This irrelevant and eye catching picture highlights the fact that this is a serious article

Use WordPress as a CMS

  • Install WordPress — no plugin needed
  • Publish a new post
  • Edit your post
  • Upload images and insert them in your post

Congratulations, you've just managed content and used "WP as a CMS".

Bottom Line

WordPress *IS* a CMS damnit. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I swear next time I read about "WP as a CMS", I'll be the one who invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.

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  1. Sudar says:

    Ha ha nice one :)

    Next time if someone asks me how to use WordPress as a CMS, I am going to point them over here.

  2. Epic Alex says:

    But what about 'Integrated Analytics', 'Membership Management' and 'Auditing'…. Oh no wait, they're there too…

  3. Hahahaha…that´s so true! And I need to change the wording on my Website I assume…

  4. John Myrstad says:

    Jane should be careful then:

    In addition,handbooks will be available for several types of users: End Users, Theme Developers, Plugin Developers, Sys Admins, and CMS users.


  5. Ozh says:

    John Myrstad » Nice catch ;)

  6. Ozh says:

    Of course, the guide will be definitive only once this post is #1 result in Google for "WordPress as a CMS" ;)

  7. Whenever someone tells me, "I'm using WordPress as a CMS," I respond with, "Yes, I know. So is every other WordPress user."

  8. Julynell says:

    LOL, your post made my day! So true :)

  9. Jones says:

    This is the most useless irrelevant post I have ever read.

    Yes we know wordpress is a CMS by definition, but I would totally argue the fact that wordpress is more date structured system and without the use of static pages which people confuse with posts your CMS. And as we all know sometimes the most relevent information on your site is actually guide by the user and not the other way around. (If you use your stats properly you'll see what I mean)

    So even if this post is a piece of , it is still the most irrelevant post.

    Much like did you know that Starbucks serves Coffee. . .

    wow that is freaking amazing! I knew I read this blog for something.

  10. Jeffro says:

    LOL Every time I come back to this site, I always find something to cheer me up and give me a good laugh. This post is no exception! I'm still laughing!

  11. Couldn't have said it better myself. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that gets irritated with that crap.

    Happy weekend to you.

  12. Heh! Funny because it's true!

    I think that when the users of other systems say "WordPress isn't a real CMS", what they mean is "Our system lets you publish arbitrary 'content types' to aribitrary URL locations. And by 'content types' we mean regular old content with extra meta data added to it."

    Sooo, those systems make you jump through extra hoops in order to organize your URL hierarchy? Great!

  13. Yasir says:


    This post brought a smile to my face :D Nice post!


  14. visaap says:

    'How to use WP as a CMS' explained in 40 words!
    Excellent :D

  15. Rade says:

    Interesting, i never used wp as blog, and made about 30 wp powered sites :-)

  16. Jeffro says:

    [blockquote]Of course, the guide will be definitive only once this post is #1 result in Google for “WordPress as a CMS” ;)[/blockquote]

    You don't have very far to go considering you're on the second page of results already.

  17. Joss says:

    Awesome! Haha.

  18. WIN. WIN. M'FIN WIN.

  19. haha good one about the invention of a device :)

    Love it

  20. Wow! I can't believe that a year and a half later I still see the phraze almost once a day. BTW any progress on the face-stabbing device? :)

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