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On: 2009 / 05 / 04
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If you're a WordPress freelancer, you already probably have your regular web sources for your gigs (and if you don't, do read How to find a WordPress job right now). Did you know that Twitter was also a fine potential source of information for your next project ?

wordpress bill

Here are three Twitter users that you should follow:

If you're really hungry, two other users might also interest you:

  • @phplance: not about strictly WordPress, but PHP freelancing in general. Lots of tweets.
  • @hashwordpress: this little experiment of mine retweets everything about "#wordpress". In this "all things WordPress" tweetage there will be a smaller signal/noise ratio but there are quite a few requests that could end up being your next little contract.

Know any other interesting Twitter source?

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  1. westi says:

    Ozh. Retweeting hashtags like that is evil.

    It ruins the feeds by creating duplicate content in a search for the hashtag.

    If people want to subscribe to a hashtag they should use a search feed!

  2. Ozh says:

    westi ยป well actually I like it, quite some noise I admit but I've found cool stuff following this retweeting account (and it gains new followers everyday so I guess others like it too). I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people using Twitter who don't use a feed reader.
    This said, it's easy to refine a query on search.twitter to filter junk out: something like "#wordpress -source:twitterfeed -RT -from:hashwordpress" …

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