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On: 2008 / 04 / 24
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ShareWP is a digg-like site (using Pligg I think) dedicated solely to, obviously, WordPress. It seems fairly new (domain registered a few months ago, only a handful or registered users) and I think it has some potential: overall it's nicely done, and well focused on WordPress, a topic that other socialish sites such as Reddit or Digg seem to neglect.

You can submit articles, themes or plugins, with a few predefined categories as well as, of course, the tags you'd like. The process of submitting an article is pretty much what you expect from a Digg clone, with all the spell check and preview and everything.

The sites comes with the mandatory tools (bookmarklet and "Vote It" one-click submit button) but, quite oddly I'd say, doesn't provide their own… WordPress plugin that would add the Vote button at the end of each article? (To be fair, explanations are given on how to integrate this button to your theme template, but I think a plugin would make newbies' day)

Last question, that will remain unanswered for now, will be: will there be any SharedWP effect killing poor websites and bringing servers knees down? Vote for this article and we all find out :)
Edit: Guess we won't be finding out immediately, since all I get when clicking on the "Vote" badge is a 404. The story still shows up on front page though. Hopefully fixed soon! Fixed! :)

Edit: Launchus interruptus! The site has been (temporarily we hope) taken down because it was not completely ready. Stay tuned!

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  1. thomas says:

    Hi OZH,

    puh… i didn´t thought someone would find this site…lol…

    i started it a few days ago. and yes …. there are some bugs :( So much to do… i need more time.
    I just finished my redesign of today and i worked on that the last couple of days. But after your review i will have a look at again and try to fix all the bugs etc …

    and if i find the time: the wordpress plugin is coming too :-)

    all the best,

    p.s. i ahad a quick look and found why your vote button get an 404. right now you have to submit an article to a SUBcategory. yours was in a main category … and that causes there error. moved it to a sub … and it works.

    BTW: any suggestions for more categories? :)

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  3. thomas says:

    Hi OZH,
    life sucks sometimes :-( thx again for the review, but i had to take the site down. the pligg system is still too buggy ! so i make a WordPress based relaunch. sry for that! but i better provide something good to the world than a buggy system that don´t work right.
    So you all have to wait some time … and i have to work harder…
    all the best,

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  5. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    Ahh, interesting site we have here. I hope the WordPress community as a whole can get behind a site like this. I've noticed WordPress related topics on Digg or Reddit don't do particularly well. Perhaps we can get the ShareWP effect :)

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