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On: 2008 / 04 / 22
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For about one year now, I've been twittering this site's updates on my @ozh Twitter account, without really telling anyone about it. Call this a forgotten experiment. Well, I'm now telling you, so feel free to follow me!

(Note: I'm not really a Twitter user, so don't expect anything from me if you twitt something to @ozh)

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  1. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    Twitter is awesome, especially when the majority of your followers are avid WordPressers :) Just added you to my stream. I'm glad you have added the twitter follow link along with your other subscription options. Ever since I did that on my own blog, I've had a large increase in followers.

  2. […] literally forgot about it. A little more than one month ago, I remembered about it, and made a short announcement that this blog updates were twittered. As a result, my Twitter account just got past 100 followers […]

  3. squeaky says:

    I have tried Tweeter, but just don't get it. Seems like you need friends/followers in order to get traffic. I have one follower, so not much happening there. I know that some of the big bloggers use Twitter and it works for them, but they have many readers which I thinks makes it happen for them.

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