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On: 2007 / 12 / 01
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Some dude is going to deactivate his spam protection (Akismet) for one day, on December 15th, and the idea is actually starting to spread.

What a pointless idea… I mean, everyone knows how many spam they're getting each day: Akismet as a WordPress plugin comes with a spam counter. I know I get between 100 and 300 spams every single day, how cool would it be that on this particular day I deactivate my comment condom and manually moderate this many comments? You said it, completely uncool.

The interesting part — there is one after all — of this experiment is, if the idea really gains momentum, we'll see how the spam count increases this particular day: just like everyday, or will spammers put an extra effort in their work?

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  1. Jeff_ says:

    Yet another pathetic attempt at attracting attention.

    There are, of course, better ways of doing this that don't involve public humiliation.

    For example, why not show appreciation for your favorite anti-spam plugins by writing an informative post and shelling out a link or two.

    That way, the plugin authors get a lttle love, your blog remains spam free, and spammers can go eat a bowl of dick up.

  2. Henry H. says:

    I don't like Akismet.


    I get spam just because I use it! Of course it doesn't get through, but it's there, in the Akismet folder, and I don't like it.


    I get much fewer spam comments to take care of if I disable it. I have tried this many times, Akismet is not for me. Instead I used the moderation queue if a comment had links and I just got few each month instead of many each day.

    But now I use reCaptcha so I don't have to think about spam comments or that Akismet folder, they dont get through.

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