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On: 2007 / 11 / 26
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Christmas is approaching and I'm thinking a bit about what Santa could bring to me. One gadget I still miss because I've never found the perfect one is an MP3 player. Every time I read reviews, I just cannot understand why every single product seems to miss an essential feature or comes with a couple of bloated concept I don't want.

The gem I'm looking for would be :

  • High capacity (something like 80 GB from the iPod is appealing)
  • No touch screen. I want a small robust screen.
  • No "large" screen. I want a small robust screen. I'm going to listen to music, not hurt my eyes with a tiny stamp sized crappy video, damnit
  • UMS support! I want to be able to upload and download MP3, just with any USB key, whenever and wherever I need to, including on my computer at work on which I cannot install a bloated piece of crap software like iTunes

I just can't believe I still have to find a simple product like this.

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  1. Jean Paul says:

    I was shopping for a muzik player this summer and I ended up buying this . The most important thing in a player for me is the sound quality. I don't fancy having any cool interfaces or anything of that sort.. However it's very hard as you mentioned to find the ultimate player. The only downside of my player is that I have to convert from mp3 to atrac format so that they can be played. However, I still have to encounter a player that beats the sound quality..

  2. Ozh says:

    Jean Paul » thanks for sharing. Indeed I've read that the NW-HD1 has a very high fidelity playback. But I've also read that the software needed is pretty cumbersome and awkward…

  3. Jean Paul says:

    well I agree with you to a certain point :) the software does take a long time to load up and well isn't the best software I've used.. however it gets the job done pretty quickly once it's up and running.. the other problem I forgot to mention is that the software runs only on Windows, therefore I have to power up my laptop whenever I want to add some muzik (since I use ubuntu on my desktop)


  4. I wanted a working, simple, elegant voice recorder for a long time. One that didn't put things in a proprietary format, and could batch export/download.

    No luck.

    I have hope for android, which may allow me to make my own.

  5. J.P. says:

    Did you know the Sansa Conect?

    Also, please, write me :)

  6. Serge says:

    I can see why you would dislike itunes, but IMHO, still the one that performs the least badly…

    You can get the ipod (80 or 160GB) and install rockbox (doesn't seem to be compatible with the newer versions, but you can find older versions of the 80GB around)
    Having tried RB, don't particulary find it seamless, but you can give it a go
    Otherwise, tons of other software that will let you handle your music for iPod

  7. You don't need perfect player. Just go and buy an iPod :)

  8. A previous generation IPOD seems very close to what you need. Actually, my requirements are very close to yours, and I opted for a 40GB 4th generation Ipod (b&w small screen).

    I hate Itunes as well… and found a way to avoid using it… I use Yamipod, and I'm very happy with it. It's small in size (15 megs), does NOT need to be installed (sweet!), and its transfers are fast. Did I mention it's free?

    Feel free to pay my site a visit when you need some free mp3 downloads to fill your player. ;)


  9. Timothy says:

    Did you find what you need?

    Just curious :)

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