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On: 2007 / 10 / 24
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My next plugin is ready for shipping, but I like it so much already that I want to give it some special treatment: a polyglot release.

I'm looking for a few kind translators willing to spend 3 minutes to take care of about 20 words or short sentences, and translate these in their mother tongue. I'm doing the English and French parts, is there anyone out there who feels like doing the same for Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese or any other language ?

If you're the nice pal I'm looking for, please send me a mail (ozh at this domain, or using the Contact link above) and tell me your name, language and WordPress blog URL if any. I'd like to send you the plugin for your previewing and translating fun by the end of the week, if possible.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help !

Edit: things looking great! If everything goes well, thanks to kind readers we'll have English, French, Romanian, Finnish, Italian, German, Dutch, Hebrew and Chinese versions!

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  1. iKArus says:

    About 20 words isn't so much work, you can send me the plugin and i'll do a few tests and the translation from english to german for you.

    BTW. i don't need fame, but i would prefer the car and the chicks for the first comment. ;)

  2. AvP says:

    Ha, I can do the translation from english to chinese for you.

    BTW,i don’t need fame too, but i would prefer the car and the chicks for the second comment too. ;)

  3. And now you have the italian translation.

  4. FisK says:

    Han, mais watashi wa nihon jin desu !
    Watashi tachi wa chikatetsu de gakko ni ikimasu
    Anata wa dare desu ka toussa toussa :)

  5. So now it u still want…
    Brazilian portuguese translation.

  6. J.P. says:

    Count me in with the Spanish one, I already told you by contact page but couldn't resist to the car and the chicks for the 7 comment ;)

    (and please, contact me)

  7. Ravi Sagar says:


    I will translate it into Hindi!!

  8. Hi! I will translate it to Tagalog, if you like. :-)

  9. Ozh says:

    To all, thanks! This is great!

    Translating the plugin is easy and quite fast:
    – Download the plugin Absolute Comments
    – If you don't have it already, install poEdit, a small software that's straightforward to use
    – With poEdit, open the translation template file (the .pot file) from the "translation" directory of my plugin
    – Translate strings and words in your language. Write "plain" text: no &stuff; or Թ or escaped stuff, just write things the most natural way
    – Save your work, following the localization naming or your language/country (see WordPress in your language). For example: absolutecomments-fr_FR.po

    Upon saving, poEdit will automatically generate the compiled associated .mo file, which WordPress needs (ex:
    To immediately see your translation in effect, just be sure your language is correctly defined in wp-config.php. Example: define('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

    Then send me your .po and .mo files so I can add them to the download. Thanks ! :)

  10. Pinto says:

    Count me in dude.
    i have translate 5 plugin already and i'm continue to translate more.
    what the plugin is about?
    My blog is in hebrew in this link:

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