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On: 2007 / 08 / 28
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In a few days (September 5-7, 2007) Finland will be holding the Air Guitar World Championships. WTF, you say? I've just spent half an hour on Youtube watching Air Guitar videos, and boy I laughed hard:)

Basically, it's playing the guitar, except you have no guitar. And they make local, regional, national and eventually World Championships with this! If you think the following video is not funny, well, we're just not friends anymore.

For the record, the Korean psychopath featured above is 2003 World Champion. Get Guitarded ! (via)

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  1. LkM says:

    Hello buddy ;)

    Sorry to ask for this here, but…

    Well, what's the name of this 'Posting Code" [/php ], [/css ], etc ?

    # Posting code: Post code within appropriate tags : [/php ], [/css ], [/html ], [/js ], [/sql ], [/xml ], or generic

    I'm looking for this Plugin, but I just found too old scripts… They don't work anymore :(


  2. Bryan Chan says:

    oh man you have to love it…..
    I almost forgotten this funny thing, thanks for bring it up! wahhaha lol

  3. Very funny. It looks like with games like "Guitar Hero" becoming so popular we'll saw a lot more of this.

    As a guitar teacher, I sometimes get my students to play air guitar as a way of just getting into the music and thinking purely of how their fingers are working with out having to deal with the actual guitar.

    People get so hung up on playing everything correctly that they forget what it's all about.

    thanks for the vid.

  4. Now thats funny, going to spread that around

  5. Guitar Freak says:

    Air guitar? why don't you guys try out the real thing, it isnt all that hard and it beats the hell out of games like Guitar Hero, my tip is to give it a try.

    (did i mension that when you can really play it works like a babe magnet?)

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