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On: 2007 / 08 / 13
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Half of the planet (or so) is actually suffering from "Pagerank Update Disorder", which make them check every minute if, finally, the long awaited Google Pagerank update occurred and what PR their various websites now have. If you belong to them, or if you just happen to wonder from time to time "What PR this site has?", here is a collection of 16 online tools to check pagerank and more.

Pagerank Checking

A few sites allow to check the PR for any website, just like the Google Toolbar would do. Or way better than the toolbar.

  • Dig Pagerank: the best online tool, checks 700+ datacenters (useful if only a few DC have updated), and you can even bookmark the results for faster use (example)
  • Smart Pagerank: a very good tool. Offers pagerank checking for up to 67 DC at once, bookmarkable results (example) as well as other informations (domain age, Alexa ranking, number of backlinks…). Provides with code you can use in a page to show off your PR.
  • Rank Alert: checks 71 DC
  • Google DC Checker Tool: checks a subset of DCs and also displays the number of indexed pages and backlinks each DC knows
  • Pagerank Tool: kind of a limited version of Dig Pagerank, this one checks 10 datacenters. You can also bookmark the results (example)
  • Pagerank Checker: one URL, two datacenters, you can bookmark the results (example). There's also embeddable code for use in your site and display a pagerank button
  • PR Checker: one URL only. Provides cut'n paste code for button embedding on your site, showing PR of your pages
  • PR Blogflux: one URL, and embeddable code for your site
  • Valid Rank: one URL, bookmarkable results (example) for a variety of information on top of Pagerank itself, embeddable PR button in your blog. There's also an alternative page showing PR from 67 DC.
  • Visual Pagerank: totally overkill yet amusing, this tool overlays every link in a page with their pagerank

Pagerank Prediction

Predicting pagerank is black magic. Read: it almost never works :) It is supposed to be possible when only a few of Google's DataCenters (DCs) have updated their data, so they give a trend before all DC are up to date.

Miscellaneous Pagerank tools

  • Pagerank Firefox Extension: display PR for the page you're viewing, without the whole and bloated Toolbar
  • Pagerank Search: this tool mimics Google as a web search engine, except that it adds the pagerank for every results returned
  • Pagerank Calculator: I guess this tool lets you calculate stuff, but honestly I couldn't figure the hows and whats :Þ

More info about Pagerank

The way Google computes it is, of course, a well kept secret. However there are a number of interesting pages about this technology.

Google Pagerank Explained

  • The official (yet very insufficient) explanations
  • The Wikipedia information
  • Pagerank explained, nice explanation with formulas
  • Matt Cutts gives some interesting details
  • The Pagerank Table: this one guesstimates the number of links from a particular PR you need to reach a given PR. Example: they suppose that you need 16,803 PR3 links to reach PR7. Or just 1 PR9 link :)

Anyway, remember…

Pagerank is not everything in life :)

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  1. Joe says:

    I remember there was a Page Rank PHP script. To bad I lost the link. :-(

  2. […] 看来不只是我在急切盼望PageRank的更新,法国的Ozh先生提前结束了假期回来一直等到现在也没能看到更新了的PageRank,今天他贴出了16 Online Tools to Check Your Pagerank一文,挺有用的,尤其你也一样时不时就想查一下PageRank的话。 […]

  3. Adam Dempsey says:

    Very nice list of tools, have heard of and used many of them, but not all, thanks :)

  4. Georgy says:

    Also try – it checks authenticity of domain Page Rank and provide a lot of useful information about website

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  6. […] are lots of sites allowing you to check your pagerank and the number of backlinks to your site, and some of them also […]

  7. Clement says:

    Backlink based PageRank no longer makes technical sense these days because the Internet has become so commercialized. People are just buying links left, right and centre.

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