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On: 2007 / 07 / 05
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Oscar, my elder son (he recently turned 5) spent some time this afternoon on the Simpsons Movie site, where you can draw your own Simpsons characters. The interface was so simple to use that he decided on his own to recreate our little family :)

The Simpson Family ?

From left to right, Ozh, Ariane, Oscar and Cyrus. D'oh! This is kind of resembling :)

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  1. My Review says:

    The Simpsons movie is out, get your simpsons avatar !…

    Yep, it's out at least here in france ! I think it will air on friday in the us. To be honest, i haven't seen the movie yet, i'll wait till the weekend. But i spent some times on the Simpsons website full of nice stuff.
    Have you ever…

  2. Cindy says:

    When the movie first came out in theatres here last July, it took forever to "Simpsonize" yourself at the website. Though I no longer have mine, it was a close representation for me, I think.

    I should have my four year old try it, and see what he comes up with!

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