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On: 2007 / 07 / 31
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I'm back online (yes, it's been slightly less than a month this time:), all tanned, all rested, and all depressed that I'm back to work :Þ

Croatia was very nice, and our dive center Diving in Croatia was probably the finest and kindest group of people we've dived with. Now waiting from a few fellow divers we've met there and who promised they would mail the pictures they took underwater :)

On other news, I thought that the much awaited Google Pagerank update would take place while me being offline, but it's still underway. You can get a sneak peak at the back-links update on their IP which seems to be updated already. Example: shows 0 link on and 6900 links on No datacenter seems to have updated pagerank yet, though.

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  1. Seems like the PR Update has been reserved for new sites and pages. I haven't personally seen any changes to already established sites. Let's hope that the Update pushes forward.

  2. […] 早几天,Ozh发现,虽然Googleçš„66个数据中心没有开始调整PR值,但在 中已经可以查询到最新更新了的反向链接记录,我的也已经更新了。 […]

  3. […] pagerank在更新。         早几天,Ozh发现,虽然Googleçš„66个数据中心没有开始调整PR值,但在 […]

  4. nice piece of information, but i do hope google get rid of TBGR altogether, many webmasters love the idea of having this though

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